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About Us

P-Locks, LLC is a family owned business. We have been in the construction industry for generations and have used a vast array of tools, gadgets and gizmos. There is a saying among contractors, “You are as good as the tools you use”. In our construction business, we only used tools specific to the job we were doing and in many cases we had to re-invent some tools to accomplish the task at hand. Unfortunately, some of these, time saving and innovative new tools never got used by anybody else other than family.

After being told by family and friends, that we should make these products available to the public, we joined the Inventors Association, in our home town of Amarillo, Texas. This is where we met Shannon Warren, a great patent attorney and now a real good friend. After going thru the proper channels, we have made our product affordable and available to the general public, with more to come shortly.

We are particularly proud of ground anchors. They not only help protect tools and other personal property, they also help anchor down a vast array of other items, while doing this, far better and easier, than other anchors. Our ground anchors are easy to install, highly visible, portable, very low impact to the surrounding soil and need no tools to install. Ground anchors have served us for years in business, camping and countless outdoor activities. We hope they can be as useful to you as they have been to us.

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