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Theft Deterrent Anchoring System

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Law enforcement agencies agree that, theft of opportunity is on the rise. Opportunistic theft is not a planned crime, it occurs when a would be thief is passing by and sees an opportunity to take an unprotected item and acts on it, straight in, straight out, theft, which would probably only take them less than 30 second to accomplish.

Where do these crimes occur? The park, camping, on a job site or even right in your own back yard. The lack of stationary objects can be a problem. Most people think, we’re only going for a small walk or I’ll just be away for a few minutes.And that’s when it happens; you become a victim of an opportunistic theft.

What can we do to decrease the chance of becoming a victim and protect ourselves? By not making crime easy.

Let us illustrate this by using the theft triangle:

valuables plus criminals create the opportunity for theft

The theft triangle is comprised of three elements: Criminal, Valuables and Opportunity. They all must be present for theft to occur. We want to keep our Valuables safe and obviously we don’t have control over the Criminal element, but the one element we do have control over, is Opportunity. By securing your valuables or personal property, you just removed the Opportunity.

This is where, P-Locks™ shines. P-Locks™ is a patent pending, theft deterrent system, which anchors or immobilizes your personal items to the ground, thus telling the would be thief, “STOP! My items are PROTECTED, IMMOBLIZED, they can not be easily taken”. So, the perpetrator moves on to the next or easier target. By P-Locking or anchoring your personal items, you just removed the OPPORTUNITY from the equation and prevented the theft of your Valuables.

P-Locks™ are easy to install, highly visible, no tools needed, portable and very low impact to the surrounding soil. You can easily take P-Locks™ Theft Deterrent Anchoring System along with you at any time and immediately start protecting your personal belongings. The P-Locks™ system with your padlock, gives you the locking ability for grills, garden equipment, personal watercraft, motorcycles, bicycles, off-road vehicles, utility trailers, construction equipment, building materials, real-estate and other yard signage, RVs, campsite, other recreational valuables and much more.

Not only that, P-Locks™ ground anchors are excellent for anchoring or holding down numerous items such as playground equipment, tents, canopies, camping accessories, small aircraft, soccer goals, newly planted trees, seasonal yard decorations, and hunting & sporting equipment.

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